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Founder & Managing Director

H. S. Rajput has been a pioneer in this field since 1992, when he saw a vision to start a firm which will make excellent quality fiber glass products and Since 1992, he has worked day and night to make his dream successful, using excellent and advanced technologies and with his managerial as well as knowledge skills he has been able to achieve what he dreamt of. He is an M.Sc and his management and knowledge in this field is of an expert.

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Anjul Rajput

Technical Executive & Director

ANJUL RAJPUT, the techinical executive and director of HARSHDEEP INDUSTRIES, has been going on the footsteps of his father (H.S. RAJPUT) and using his excellent management and technical skills, he has been taking the company to new heights since 2004. After completing his B.E.( Textile), he used his knowledge of his education into the company. He has excellent communication and technical skills and uses it to make quality products for his clients according to their requirements.

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Ujjwal Rajput


UJJWAL RAJPUT, the younger brother of ANJUL RAJPUT and director of HARSHDEEP INDUSTRIES, is a young and dynamic person who uses his technical as well as management skills to make the company reach to new goals and levels. He has completed his B.E (I.T) and after that to learn the market and management skills M.B.A (Marketing) in 2012 and since then he has been constantly working for the betterment of the company and his clients by using his excellent management skills.