Aramide/Kevlar Fabrics

Aramide/Kevlar Fabrics

HARSHDEEP manufactures Aramide Fiber Fabrics according to the customers requirements of temperature and strength. Aramide is a contraction of ‘aromatic polyamide’, also known as para phenylene terephthalamide, have excellent thermal characteristics while maintaining its excellent resistance to cuts, abrasions, tearing and acids as well as excellent mechanical properties.

HARSHDEEP manufactures a plain as well as twill woven aramide fiber fabrics and is mainly used to reinforce protective clothing. We also make coated versions of the aramide fabrics with various coating such as SILICONE, PTFE , ALUMINIUM, FLAME RETARDANT, ETC.

HARSHDEEP gives extensive customised solutions of aramide fiber fabrics which are mainly used in manufacture of seat for the rail and air industries. Also used in thermal insulation, protective shield, gloves, protection equipment and aprons.

HARSHDEEP is already in talks with a patented tech of anti stabbing fabrics which are bullet proof and stab proof with various government and private sector companies. For further details please contact key personel of the above project.

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