Fire & Welding Blankets

Fire & Welding Blankets

HARSHDEEP range of Welding and Fire blankets can be extensively used in various extreme temperature with excellent spark resistance capacity. HARSHDEEP team of experts analyse the customer requirements and recommend the best cost effective solution as per temperature requirements.

HARSHDEEP range of Welding and Fire blankets range from 0.25 to 2.00mm with temperature resistance starting from 250 deg C upto extreme temperature ranges upto 1250 deg C.

HARSHDEEP offers non-asbestos fabrics as Welding and Fire Blanket which is awarded as a non-carcinogenic from International Cancer Institution.

HARSHDEEP range of Fire Blankets are specially treated in order to gain better fireproof performance. They can quickly smother the flames to minimize burn injuries or prevent fire from spreading. Besides to put out a fire, Fire blankets can also be used in Fire Escape

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