PTFE coated Fabrics & Adhesive Tapes

PTFE coated Fabrics & Adhesive Tapes

HARSHDEEP range of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric are made according to the knowledge of our experts in the segment and after thorough study of the industry aspects, we have been able to offer a range of PTFE fabrics for packaging industry.

HARSHDEEP PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics are developed as per International Standards and made to perfection as per customer needs.We offer thickness ranging from 0.07mm to 2mm thick fiberglass fabrics generally used in various applications which are used as a release films and lamination protection films

HARSHDEEP produces 100% food grade PTFE coated fabrics which are extensively used in Food industry with various applications such as milk pouch packaging, Khakhra belt, Papad belt and various other conveyor belt applications such as Non-woven conveyor belts. Our range of PTFE fabrics are easy to clean and gives excellent water and oil repellency and having non-toxic properties.

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